The Start of a Legacy: Travel N’ Relax Featured on Executive Talk


March 18, 2020 @ 11:00 am


Couple Starting their Legacy - Travel N Relax

Freedom. Connection. Discovery. All qualities that are attained and shared when one travels, especially when traveling with a loved one.

After 14 years of helping families discover the world, the Travel N’ Relax leadership team, Rob and Lisa Hale, will share their purpose in business: Uniting couples and empowering families through travel. Seeing the new parts of world has an incredibly positive impact on relationships: it strengthens bonds, improves communication, and deepens love. At Travel N’ Relax, travel is more than a way to relax. It is the start of a family legacy.

Travel N’ Relax founders, Rob and Lisa Hale, will be featured on the local Denver TV show, Executive Talk. Interested in participating as a guest in the live TV audience? Sign up today!

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