COVID-19 Travel Safety & Update: Read FAQ

We are constantly monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on travel as well as the health and safety of our clients. If you have any questions about the situation, we are a phone call away. (303) 317-6945


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Yes, It’s Safe to Go on a Cruise

Amidst wild media and medical panic as the United States contains and […]

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Should You Travel Amidst the Coronavirus?

If you turn on the news right now, within 10 minutes, you’ll […]

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3 Amazing Places You Need to Visit in 2020

2020! Somehow that number brings an extra amount of renewed excitement this […]

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Lessons From a Carnival Cruise Ship

For those who follow Travel N Relax on our Facebook site, you […]

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Differences Between a Family River and Family Ocean Cruise

When deciding upon a family cruise experience, one of the first things […]

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