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Differences Between a Family River and Family Ocean Cruise

When deciding upon a family cruise experience, one of the first things to determine is which will be best. A family river cruise, or a family ocean cruise. When looking to answer this question there are many variables to be considered which a family travel agent can assist with.

Among these considerations is whether you prefer being out in the open sea or if you prefer the closer in views that a river cruise can offer you.

Differences between a Family River Cruise and Family Ocean Cruise

On an ocean cruise you will be out on the ocean in a larger vessel with occasional ports of call in multiple countries. On a river cruise you will sail down one of the major rivers in the country generally seeing multiple countries on a single trip.

Because of the narrower rivers and locks the ships must navigate, as well as the heights of bridges the ship must pass under, river cruise ships tend to be smaller boats with fewer facilities than the ocean ships will have. Nevertheless, as the river cruise market evolves and new ships are built, larger suites, more luxurious facilities and family friendly considerations are becoming easier to find on these ships.

Family Cruise Shore Excursion Options

Likewise, on either an ocean or river cruise, shore excursions will be a major element of your family cruise vacation experience. The land tour choices provided by family cruise lines are almost unlimited and provide options that can please all members of your family. Because of the wide selection of tours available, you might want to consider turning your trip into a group vacation and bring along the grandparents! When you create a a multi-generational vacation in this way you can make your family vacation even more special!

Some examples of options you might have to pick from include active expeditions such as hiking, parasailing or biking to gentle paced walking tours to special interest tours such as culinary, wine or artistic tours. If the ships selection of tours does not meet your satisfaction fully customized day trips can also be arranged. Your family travel agent will be able to help you select the best options and arrange these tours for you.

Tour pricing will differ greatly depending on the tour you select and the level of customization that you desire. With many river cruise companies the cruise line will provide free excursions that are included in your cruise fare with additional for fee tour options available. These extra cost excursions will generally be more extensive options that allow you to learn about your destination or the sights you are seeing at a deeper level.

In all cases working with a family vacations travel agency like Travel N Relax you will get the benefit of having guidance and help on which cruise option is best for you. As well, you will gain the value of having a professional certified family travel agent assist you in selecting shore excursions and making other pre-cruise and post-cruise arrangements that will assure that you have the maximum enjoyment on your trip.

We invite you to discover the difference in working with a professional family travel agency like Travel N Relax and seeing the value that such a relationship can provide to you. Give us a call today at 303.317.6945 to let us take care of all the details while you and your family truly Travel N Relax!


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