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Julia Follows Her Father’s Footsteps in Seville Spain

Blog 08 22 2015 01After hearing the amazing stories from my father about his experience taking the risk to study a semester abroad in college, it became my dream to travel to Europe and immerse myself in a completely new culture.

I wanted to follow in his footsteps. After hearing him reminisce about his amazing experiences in Spain and specifically Seville, I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps meanwhile making memories of my own.

Living in Seville and traveling around Spain for four months was at times challenging and eye-opening, yet was absolutely the most amazing trip of my life so far. I learned so much about the Spanish culture, language, and traditions. Everyday my appreciation for the natural and historic beauty of the city grew. I chose to take the long way to class by walking along the Guadalquiver River, and absorbing the beauty of the sunsets on my way back. It was truly a site to see!

Blog 08 22 2015 02The whole historic city of Seville was beautiful, but I spent the most time at my favorite spots: Las Setas and the Plaza de España. I could see the most beautiful view of entire city from Las Setas, and just look at the picture of the Plaza de España below…it does not need any justification.

My trip to Seville definitely exceeded my expectations. My experiences helped me grow and mature in a plethora of ways and the many indefinite memories I made will last me a lifetime. I am so glad I was able to connect with the country and felt a strong feeling of unification.Blog 08 22 2015 03

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Travel N Relax, I can now add this dream trip as a chapter in my travel storybook!

Travel N Relax – Where Have You Been

Travel N Relax

Captain Coconuthead – Champion of Hassle Free Travel


Many of our loyal blog readers will know that there has been a block of time where we have been “absent” from your presence.

Be assured we have not shut our doors or closed. Rather we have just been undergoing a major rehab to better service you – our valued guest. As we move ahead you will discover new features and additions being rolled out all designed to better help you “Travel N Relax!”

Immediately you will hopefully enjoy this new company website which has been designed to better facilitate your travel needs while still retaining the same look and feel you have become familiar with.

As we move forward you will find us continuing to present useful and relevant travel information and tools designed to improve your travel experience and truly help you “Travel N Relax!”

We appreciate your continued support and, as always, welcome your comments, questions, suggestions and ideas as to how we can continue to service you better. At Travel N Relax our goal is to always improve our service to you, and truly become “Your Ticket to Hassle Free Travel!” Let us hear from you on how we can better improve your travel experiences!


Fitness Fun in Dubai UAE

Fitness Spa Vacation


Ready for some wintertime fun but finding that the months just aren’t going by fast enough to bring it on?

You might want to consider a fitness spa vacation to Ski Dubai!

With five snow-packed slopes and the world’s first indoor black-diamond run, Ski Dubai is a winter sports lover’s paradise that is perfect for honeymoon travel and celebration vacations!

The massive facility is 25 stories high, and can accommodate 1,500 guests. It boasts ski, snowboard and toboggan rentals and a 3,000-square-meter snow park that’s just for play. More amazing is that this “Resort” is covered with real snow all year round!

You don’t have to worry about ski clothing either. Ski Dubai has thought of it all and offers guests the use of winter clothing, along with the equipment.

After enjoying a day on the “slopes” you can retreat to the adjoining hotel where you can relax in the full service luxury Softouch Spa, and feel your body & soul embrace one another in pure bliss. Then enjoy a delicious meal and perhaps some shopping at the adjoining Mall of Emirates before you retreat to your “Ski Chalet” for a relaxing night’s sleep overlooking the Ski Dubai Resort!

Next time you’re longing for wintertime fun in the heat of summer, this might just be the ideal spa vacation package perfect for you!

Give Travel N Relax a call to set up a Ski Dubai holiday, or another unique vacation experience! We’ll help you see the world in a whole new way!


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Happy Holiday’s From Walt Disney World!

Aurora Travel Agents - Travel N Relax


In our last Disney Holidays post we took a look at the many fun holiday season activities for Disneyland vacation guests who might want to enjoy a California holiday vacation.

Here we turn our attention to the East Coast and sunny Florida to see what holiday activities Walt Disney World vacation guests might be able to enjoy.

Here in Orlando, similar activities occur begin November 8, 2013 and run through January 4, 2014. Some of the special events Disney World holiday events you don’t want to miss include:

• The Candlelight Processional
• Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
• Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade
• The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights
• Holiday “Sleigh” Rides at Fort Wilderness

As with Disneyland, the classic Disney World holiday favorites such as Cinderella Castle dream lights, Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade, “Holiday Wishes” fireworks show and Celebrate the Season and Totally Tomorrowland Christmas shows will be available.

Also, like Disneyland, some of the Walt Disney World holiday events also require special reservations. As past Disney cast members and Disney travel specialists, Travel N Relax can advise on the best booking options to maximize your fun on your Walt Disney World vacation and make it an extra special holiday experience.

In part three of our series we will look at Disney Cruise Line vacations and the special holiday experiences Disney offers here!

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Sit Down … You’re an Idiot

Aurora Travel Agency - Travel N Relax


In the category of bizarre travel news stories of the day, an article crossed our desk today telling of a recent Air India flight from London to Mumbai that was accommodating a small group tour.

A female passenger headed towards her celebration vacation was five hours into the flight when she decided she would like to watch a nice movie on the inflight entertainment unit. She adjusted various switches and buttons but discovered that the unit was malfunctioning and offered no response other than a screen that kept going blank.

To her surprise, the next thing she knew a message popped up reading: “The selection is not currently available. Please try again.” It then continued at the bottom of the screen : “Lie low…Sit down you idiot!”

As you might expect the passenger complained to the cabin crew who apologized and, while uncertain of what happened, are suspecting it was an English subtitle of a Hindi movie that froze on the screen when the server went offline. The airline also noted it could be the work of a disgruntled employee. The matter has been taken up with concerned authorities for rectification.

Either way we are curious how you would respond if you were on a group vacation (or on individual travel) and a similar message popped up in front of you? Would such a message allow you to “Travel N Relax?” We’ll be interested to see your comments below!

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Introducing Snapseed

Aurora Travel Agency - Travel N Relax


Taking vacation photos has long been a holiday ritual. For some however the challenge is getting the photograph to become the extraordinary work of art one hopes for. Enter Snapseed!

With Snapseed, now owned by Google, anyone can enhance, transform and share their photos with ease using incredibly advanced features from the leader in digital photography software. If you don’t want to think too much about it, just hit “automatic correct” and let Snapseed automatically make the picture perfect.

For those who desire a bit more control over the procedure, Selective Adjust lets you tap a certain point in the photo, such as a shirt or someone’s hair, and adjust the color or distribution of light or you can use the tune image option to let you adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation of color and white balance. Truly creative types will enjoy the option to put your photo through filters, such as Black and White, Vintage and Grunge to add texture and mood. Boarders and other features are also available.

When your picture is perfect, Google’s advanced Google+ capabilities allow you to powerfully share your images on Google+ and other platforms.

The app is free and is available for both iPhones and Androids. Check it out!


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Happy Holiday’s – Disney Style!


Aurora Travel Agency - Travel N Relax

We recently came across this picture of Chip and Dale and realized that could only mean one thing…

The holiday’s are almost here.

While we are not one’s to rush the year – they certainly go fast enough without our help, we are realists. Therefore, while we may still be in summer season, for best prices and availability now is the time to begin thinking of holiday travel.

When it comes to the holidays, there is no more magical a place then a Walt Disney World vacation, Disneyland vacation or Disney Cruise vacation. Each offers magical and unique experiences that you can cherish for a lifetime.

In this  three part series we will break down each destination and offer a snapshot of the special holiday experiences each has to offer.


Aurora Travel Agency - Travel N Relax

Those wishing to enjoy a classic Disneyland vacation at Walt Disney’s original theme park in Anaheim, California will find holiday festivities beginning November 12, 2013 and running through January 6, 2014. Some of the special events you don’t want to miss:

• The all-new “World of Color – Winter Dreams”
• Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree, where you can meet Santa Claus and enjoy games, music and crafts
• Buena Vista Street and Cars Land and “a bug’s land” decked out with holiday ornaments and décor
• Wintertime nighttime funtime at Mad T Party
• “Phineas and Ferb’s Rockin’ Rollin’ Dance Party: Holiday Edition”
• The return of Three Kings Day celebration

Additionally classic annual favorites such as Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle, “Believe…in Holiday Magic” fireworks show, “A Christmas Fantasy” parade, “it’s a small world” holiday and Haunted Mansion Holiday will also be available.

Be aware that some of Disneyland’s holiday events do require special reservations. as past Disney Cast members and Disney Travel specialists , Travel N Relax can advise on your best booking options to maximize your fun on your Disneyland vacation.

In our next blog post we will look at the special holiday festivities available to Walt Disney World vacation guests for the 2013 Holiday season.

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Make Priceless Lifelong Memories on a Family Vacation

Aurora Travel Agency

Dominating the news this week are photos of kids headed to school or college, with parents in disbelief of how quickly their “lil’ ones” grow up. Priceless family memories are made when our children are young. Yet somehow the years fly by ever quicker, stealing away the opportunity to make lifelong family memories.

Before we know it our “lil’ ones” have grown into adults and a whole period of being able to make valuable family vacation memories is over. Don’t let this happen to you!

Whether you enjoy a simple family vacation, or an extended family reunion trip, it’s critical that you grab the moments now to build up memories for your future.

Life only passes you by once, and it passes you by very quickly.

Don’t live in a future of regrets but rather develop memories that you will be able to remember forever and cherish with your children when they have become adults.

Travel N Relax is your family vacation specialist that can develop the perfect budget friendly family holiday for you. Contact us to begin making your magical family vacation memories a reality!

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Labor Day Predictions – Fact or Fiction?

Aurora Travel Agency - Travel N Relax

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In recent days the great online travel agency oracles have all been presenting their “definitive” predictions as to the top Labor Day destinations for 2013. Each reveals that their list presents the top 10 spots travelers are headed for over the holiday.

Our local television station recently presented the list from Orbitz who advises that the top 10 destinations are:

1. Las Vegas

2. New York

3. Chicago

4. Cancun

5. San Francisco

6. San Diego

7. Seattle

8. Atlanta

9. New Orleans

10. Boston and Hawaii (tie)

A similar list from Travelocity, was presented on the website ‘Travelers Today, ‘and their definitive listing of the top 10 spots show:

1. New York City

2. Denver

3. Seattle

4. Los Angeles

5. Chicago

6. Orlando

7. San Francisco

8. South Florida

9. Boston

10. Las Vegas

What we found particularly interesting as we reviewed these lists was that Las Vegas either ranks #1 OR #10 depending on which source you reference to. Additionally the two lists have 4 cities completely unique to them which the other does not show in the rankings at all. If these truly are the top spots people are travelling to would you not think the cities, and rank listings, should be the same?

Based on this, the astute observer is left to question – where are the top 10 destinations for Labor Day? Are they in the list Orbitz presents, the list Travelocity presents or are they completely different from what either lists presents?

So how does this affect you? Only to understand that no one source can truly present an accurate picture of top destinations. The listings, as you can see above, will differ depending on who the presenter is.

For you the traveler, the only real place of real significance and / or importance is the destination where YOU wish to go! Rather than trying to determine where the “crowd” may (or may not) be headed determine where YOU want to go and then head off with confidence to that spot! This will assure your maximum vacation happiness.

Wherever that destination may be, whether it’s on one of the two lists or not, Travel N Relax is ready to help you get there. Additionally, as an added benefit, rather than delegate you to a world of online booking engines and call center representatives (if something does go wrong) we offer you a personal representative to take care of your travel needs from the start of planning thru the time you get home! This allows you to skip the frustrations and time consumption of self booked travel and instead truly Travel N Relax… all at wallet friendly, value packed pricing!

As for the two different lists…If we have to pick one of them as Aurora Colorado residents we’ll cheer for our home team and pick the Travelocity list simply because they list our Denver Metro area as #2! Rah, Rah, Go Colorado!

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Amazing Adventures in Los Cabos

Health Spa Vacations

Los Cabos Mexico (aka Cabo) has always been known as a relaxing resort playground on the Pacific!


Located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, Cabo is renowned for its sport fishing, golf courses, nightclubs and whale watching. It’s also known as a great spot to take off on a desert Hummer or ATV tour across the desert landscapes of the peninsula!

Perfect for wedding travel, honeymoons or any celebration vacation event, Cabo offers a close tropical destination to rest and relax in.

For this reason, those seeking a spa vacation package or a fitness spa vacation have also always found Cabo to their liking due to the many activities Cabo provides from restful to active.

What is not so well known about Los Cabos however, are the more extreme activities available to the visitor.


One such example of this, is the opportunity to jet pack over Cabo! If you have always dreamed of flying like a bird in outdoor flight, this experience is for you! You’ll truly experience a new high as you fly high above the Bahia San Lucus leaving behind the cares of the world below you!

Just like James Bond, adventure seekers will find this to be the perfect experience as you learn to take off, fly, turn, flip and land in your own private jet pack!

Utilizing R200 Jetlev technology you’ll experience a combination of security, stability and accuracy as you fly up to 30 feet above the water!

Those afraid that they will take off airborne and not be able to return to terra firma, can take comfort in knowing that the jet pack connecting hose not only provides power for your flight but also limits your altitude and puts you in remote control access of your certified ground operators who will, at all times, have full control over your jet pack if needed. At all times you will also have one way communications access to your certified instructors via the speakers in your helmet!


After you have come back to earth, perhaps you would like to continue your adventure by hang-gliding over Cabo, or diving deep beneath the sea in a submersible submarine. These and many other active adventures are waiting to welcome you in beautiful Los Cabos on your next Mexico vacation!

Whatever your desire, know that Travel N Relax is your Las Cabos professional and can help you arrange your perfect Cabo vacation from jet packing over the bay to relaxing in a restful spa. Give us a call to start planning your Los Cabos getaway today!

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Travel N Relax is your Disney Vacation professional. Specializing also in Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts, Cruise Lines, Group Travel, Family Travel and all of your other travel needs. Your maximum enjoyment on your Disney Vacation is our utmost goal. We use our inside information on Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts and Cruise Lines to make your group travel or individual travel the absolute best it can be. We are an authorized Disney Vacation Travel Agent utilizing technology and years of Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts and cruise line experience to deliver to you the best individual and group travel imaginable! Travel N Relax creates magical dream getaways and makes remarkable dream vacations a reality!

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